Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why NOT me?!?!?!?

A little background first. I grew up in the Midwest in a pleasant suburb with everything I could want. Great parents, great sibs and most importantly, as a boy, great friends. We did everything together. We played football in the snow and had the Turkey bowl into our late 20s. We played golf, baseball, hockey, basketball and volleyball together. We fished and skied, snowmobiled and traveled. We went through growing pains together and bonded as brothers. The fellas, as we call ourselves, are still in touch with each other, into our 40s, that's not that amazing for a couple-three friends but there are 10 of us. I still look forward to seeing them, now that I can travel again it will be very soon.
Of all of the group, Kevin was the one that we were all drawn to. He had an easy way about him and caused you to smile by infection. He could make losing his wallet, his car conking out and losing a girlfriend, all in the same weekend, look like a fun time. He lived by the mantra I used to say to my staff. "if you're not having fun, it's your own fault". Kevin is loved by all of us, our parents, our families and our kids. He married a great girl he met at college and they have had a great life raising a couple kids, being great friends and spreading that infectious smile around.
While the majority of the group is still in the Midwest, I have travelled west. I started in Illinois with the fellas, moved to Utah, Arizona, Idaho and back to Utah and finally will return to Idaho later this year. The fellas have been able to track me as I moved and we have seen each other at least once a year until I was listed with UNOS 4 years ago. I have done everything to shorten my life and then I go and survive, getting my heart transplant at the last minute. Kevin, on the other hand never gained an ounce and with the exception of thinning hair, looked like he always did. January 5th he was playing video games with the kids, then retires upstairs to his office to work for a little while. A massive heart attack takes him in minutes, he was gone before the EMTs even arrived. The next morning the information starts to spread to the fellas. The afternoon of the 6th, the clouds took over the sky as I was notified of Kevin's passing. The irony played well in my ears for weeks. Why not me, I was always supposed to be the one to go. Kevin had everything to live for and lived his life. We are all alive but Kevin LIVED!!! He did not waste 1 minute of his 44 years on this planet. We will all miss him but we each have wonderful memories to bring us solice. RIP Kevin.
Be good to each other,
Tin Man