Sunday, January 22, 2012

After a bit of a break....

I'm not going to even try to catch up in one post. It has been quite a while and lots has happened. I'll start with the most recent since I can remember that the best.
Yesterday morning I attended my first kettle ball class. I have been "active" over the last couple years and figured I was ready for a greater challenge. I was trying my best to keep up but there were times I just had to rest or catch my breath. Making things a bit worse pride-wise was the fact that I am the only boy under 60 in the class and that I am next to a grey haired lady who is showing no signs of fatigue. I think yelping would best describe the noise I make when trying to get up, sit down, switch positions or essentially make any movement with my legs today. Apparently my definition of active and reality differ greatly.
 Thus begins the road back to a health I have never known. I have both trepidation and anxious excitement as I look to continue to better myself thru exercise. The axiom is "use it or lose it" so this gift I have been granted deserves to be treated well and kept challenged. The heart is a muscle and needs exercise too.
Next class is tomorrow night. I hope my legs feel alot better by then or it is going to be a noisy class!
Remember, the only way to defeat a challenge is to go thru it.
 Be good to each other...