Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Call

A little over an hour ago I was informed that the heart I have been waiting over 3 years for has finally been found. Dreams do come true and prayers do work. I hope to be up and blogging more info with a new heart very soon.
Be good to each other,


  1. Kerrie Flaten7/12/09, 8:36 AM

    That statement brings tears to my eyes and I could cry for days.. I can't imagine what you and Kitty are feeling. I will continue to pray for you and wish you all the strength and success that I can. You are so strong and I am certain you will shine as you always do! Look forward to hearing how everything went! all of the love we can send from Minnesota coming your way!

  2. Hello Jim and Kitty....Marcia's mom and dad here...we are SO VERY HAPPY that you now have a brand new heart and that it's working away to give you new life! We are both so excited for your blessing from Jesus. He takes care of us in mysterious ways, but this one is miraculous! Good work and take care of yourself. Prayers from Scottsdale, AZ!! Dianne and Bill Bryson